Veronica Quarry

           Holistic Healing

What is Zero Ballancing?

Fritz Frederick Smith, MD and founder of ZB in the early 1970ís wrote in his book, The Alchemy of Touch, the following description of ZB:

ZB is a hands-on body/mind therapy, which follows a protocol lasting thirty to forty-five minutes, administered to a patient horizontally reclined and comfortably but fully attired. It combines an Eastern view of energy and healing with a Western view of medicine and science. It is based on the quantum physics perspective that the particle and the wave are the two fundamental aspects that comprise our universes. In terms of the human being, I have translated this principle to signify the structure and energy of the body. Zero Balancing is a non-diagnostic system of healing. It has the stated objective to improve the balance between the structure and energy within the personís system, with the understanding that this promotes greater health and actualization.

Mission Statement:
The mission of Zero Balancing, as stated in the Core Zero Balancing Study Guide, is to provide a holistic body therapy that amplifies a person’s experience of health and vitality on all levels.