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Lesson # 2

Purpose:  To learn more terms and look at box and whisker plots.

Here's another example ... to show more concepts

        Grades on the last Algebra test =                       


                There are 15 students in my class.  So, I have 15 test scores.

                The median grade (the one in the middle when the grades are written from
                        smallest to largest) is 84.  There are 7 grades below 84 and 7 grades
                        above 84.  

                The median of the
first half of the grades is 72.  This is called the first quartile
                        mark because there are 3 grades below 72 and 3 grades above 72 but before
                        the median of 84.

                The median of the
second half of the grades is 92.  This is called the third quartile
                         mark   since one half of the upper range is below this number and one-half of
                        the upper range is above this number.

More Concepts
1.      Quartiles       =  The regions bounded by the 1st quartile, median, and 3rd quartile marks
                        of the data.

Interquartile ranges    =  The group of data that is between the 1st and 3rd quartile.
                         In my example above, the data between 72 and 92 represent 50% of the
                         data.  This is called the interquartile range.

Box and Whisker Plot   =   Second type of graph to be studied.
                For the data mentioned in my class test example;  

                For more examples or instruction, go to Jenn's web site and then return here with your browser back button.

Jenn's Box and Whisker Plot

Please download the assignment below to your desktop and print it.  Complete the work and turn the assignment in to me for credit on your data work.

Assignment # 2 BoxBox-and-Whisker-Plots.doc

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