Polyhedra Projects

To learn how to make these and other polyhedra visit: How to Build Polyhedra

5 intersecting tetrahedron

Sug created five intersecting tetrahedron.


Stellated icosahedron

Emily made a stellated icosahedron using only blue card stock. She used 6 different shades of blue.



Frank truncated an icosahedron to create a soccer ball.


Two intersecting tetrahedron

Mayan made a stellated octahedron but he made it look like two intersecting tetrahedron by using only two colors.


Great icosahedron

Gyu worked a long time to assemble this 120-faced great icosahedron.


Alex's poly

Alex made a great dodecahedron. The five yellow triangular pieces form the pentagon that the 3-d pentagram rests on.


Stellated icosahedron

Greg also made a stellated icosahedron. Notice that you can see the green pentagram that is made of isosceles triangles in the same plane.



Lara did an amazing job on this thirteenth stellation of an icosahedron.



Lily made an icosadodecahedron.


Strange steallted icosahedron

Josh did his own thing. This is a stellated icosahedron but he didn't use golden triangles in his construction. So, his creation is very dramatic.


Great dodecahedron

Sarah made a great dodecahedron.



This is called a truncated great icosahedron. Hye-Jung did a marvelous job.



Steven enjoyed himself and created the sixth stellation of the icosahedron (right) after he had made his great dodecahedron (left).

2 intersecting tetrahedron mobile

Marina created a mobile out of intersecting tetrahedron.


compound of hexahedron and octahedron

Hannah made the compound of a cube (hexahedron) and an octahedron.


Shir's compound of hexahedron and octahedron

Shir also made a compound of a cube and an octahedron.

stellated icosahedronThis is a stellated icosahedron.

truncated icosahedron

This soccer ball is a truncated icosahedron.